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Please note that BLAZE HILL MEDIA's business language is English.

Website Unity Evaluations:

BLAZE HILL MEDIA offers two distinct, but mutually compatible, website evaluations which, when combine, provide a comprehensive guide to how website appearance, content, reach and GDPR compliance can be improved for the mutual benefit of business and client.

Our Website Accessibilty & Engagement evaluation, for example, can provide you with answers to questions that website analytics cannot provide; such as why did a visitor view one page and then leave the website or view certain pages but then not make contact? Whereas our Website GDPR Compliance evaluation will tell you where a website is not compliant, why it is not compliant (making reference to the appropriate legislation and supporting information) and how to make it compliant.

The evaluations can be applied to any website, irrespective of its complexity or host language, and, as would be expected, our clients are always actively involved in the evaluation process. During an initial meeting, our clients are consulted about their expectations and, in addition, they are asked to define any specific evaluation requirements that have. Following delivery of the evaluation report, a meeting is arranged to discuss the report's contents and to establish whether any follow-up consultancy, such as assisting to implement the report’s recommendations, is required.


Website GDPR Compliance:

Website Accessibility & Engagement

Combined Unity Evaluation:


Prices start at 1,195€

Prices start at 1,095€

Prices start at 1,735€

The prices shown are for a 15 hour (minimum) website evaluation. The actual price quoted will be dependent on the website's size and/or complexity, whether linked websites, such as hotel booking sites, also need to be taken into consideration and the outcome of a free pre-evaluation survey. Additional evaluation time required will be charged at the hourly consultancy rate.

All evaluation reports are written in English. Finnish versions of the report will attract a translation fee in accordance with our business partner’s pricing policy.

Website GDPR Compliance Training & Consultancy:

Training, which lasts 1 full day, provides an in-depth look at the requirements for GDPR and ePrivacy compliance. Topics include: directives 2016/679/EC and 2002/58/EC, European Data Protection Board guidance on the use of cookies and the impact of cookie and private data consent on analytics and targeted advertising.

Training will take place either on the client’s premises or at a mutually agreed location. Additional premises rental costs may be incurred in the latter case. Second and subsequent attendees will attract a discount of 25% per person.

BLAZE HILL MEDIA reserve the right to update the course content without notice to ensure that latest governance is included and the course's key objectives are met.

Consultancy Services include English web page proofreading and editing by a native English speaker.


Compliance Training (per person):

Consultancy (per hour):




All prices quoted by BLAZE HILL MEDIA are inclusive of travel within the Helsinki Capital Region and exclusive of the current rate of V.A.T. (currently 24%). Costs associated with travel to meetings arranged outside the Helsinki Capital Region will be invoiced as a separate item. The prices quoted are a guide only. Individual project discounts are available.

Partner Services:


Website & Content Design:

This service is available via our business partners. Please contact them for further details.

Sales, After-Sales and Value-Added Service Consultancy:

This service is available via our business partners. Please contact them for further details.


Price on application

Price on application

Prices quoted by BLAZE HILL MEDIA’s business partners will conform to their own policies.

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